Norderney North Sea promenade

Norderney promenade from water side – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany


14km long, 2.5 wide (depending on the tide).

Noticeable tides

Every six hours high and low tide are changing
Norderney is a Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site

A spa sanctuary

Norderney island is popular with spas due to its healthy climate, which is good for anyone suffering with respiratory diseases. People often go there for cures, e.g. thalassotherapy.



Norderney is in parts car-free, public transport is well organised, so you don’t really need a car on the island

Beach chairs

Beach chairs are available to hire during the summer (they are a good shelter from the wind).

Prices to hire a beach chair (2019) with the NorderneyCard

– Day tickets (11€)
-From seven days (10€/day)


The average temperature during the summer months, (June, July, August) is around 20C.



Bikes (including children’s bikes and trailers) can be hired on the island. You can take your own bike on to the island.

Dog friendly

Norderney island is a dog friendly island. There are three zones where dog owners can take their dogs on the beach. Due to hygiene reason they’re not allowed on the main beach specially during the warmer seasons.  A veterinary is available on the island as well as a kennel, where you could leave the dog for a day or longer.



Public seawater swimming pool (Badehaus)

Badehaus indoor swimming pool offers various saunas and treatments and is also an attractive place for a stormy and rainy day with children. The pool imitates the natural waves at certain times which is great fun for children as well as the water slide and a mud playground.

Thalasso spa (water and sauna area 28€ for 4 hours)

Family Thalasso swimming pool providing you’ve got the NorderneyCard: adults 9.50€ (2 hours), children 6.50€ (2 hours)


Horse riding

You can’t be more mindful and embrace nature than on the back of a horse, I think. I was lucky to have experienced going on a hack on Spiekeroog and Juist island and I can highly recommend it. On Norderney island you can book to go on a hack with Junkmann horse riding stable. You can also bring your own horse to the island. Norderney offers around 40km long horse-riding tracks through the dunes and along the beach. Horse riding for children is also available. The ferry company AG Reederei Norden-Frisia can also transport horse trailers with horses to the island.



In the eastern part of the island you’ll find Golfclub Norderney e.V. golf course located in the dunes with sea view. The 9-hole golf course offers its own challenges with unpredictable wind conditions.


Water sports

Wind and kite surfing, sailing or kayaking are popular water sports on Norderney island. The German windsurfing champion, Bernd Flessner, who was born in Norderney probably contributed to the reputation beyond the German borders that Norderney became a windsurfer hot spot. Water sports schools including a sailing school offer courses for various activities no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced water sports enthusiast. Additionally, the trend sport kite surfing is a popular activity between April and October on Norderney island. The sea between Nordstrand and Weiße Düne is the kite surfing zone. For those who like stand up paddling can enjoy this all over body workout on Norderney as well. Last but not least fishing fans might like the challenge of angling in the rough North Sea (providing they’ve got a valid passport).  A recommended place for fishing is the beach between Milchbar café where the western beach borders the northern beach.



Cyclists might like the 26km cycling tracks through the dunes across the island, passing the salty marshland on the calmer side of the sea.
Cyling routes are:
– Planetenwanderweg
– Dünenweg
– Wald-Dünenweg
– Polder-Wattweg

Segway or Scuddy

You could also discover the island during a guided tour on a Segway or a scuddy.


Nordic walking

Walking in this fresh, salty air is very good for your health and wellbeing. You’ll find a selection of Nordic walking trails on Norderney island:
·         Promenadenrundweg
·         S2: Naturparklauf
·         S3: Weltnaturerbelauf
·         S4: Südstrandpolderrunde
·         S5: Thalasso-Plattform-Dünenweg
·         S6: Leuchtturmrundweg
·         S7: Kurparkrundweg

Exercise on the beach

Visitors to Norderney island usually pay a guest fee and receive the NorderneyCard. This includes various services like exercise on the beach (approximately 45 minutes) with a trainer between May and October. A varied spectrum of activities is offered almost every day at Weststrand and Nordstrand beach. Meeting point for all workouts is at Badehalle at Weststrand or Nordstrand.



Norderney island spoilts children with eight playgrounds. They’re located at the following places:
·         Weiße Düne
·         Kap
·         Sailing school
·         Alter Horst
·         Up Süderün
·         Kap Hoorn
·         Nordstrand
·         Weststrand
Norderney Weststrand playground

Norderney Weststrand playground – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

WattWelten museum

Adults and children can learn in the museum about the live in the Wadden Sea. It’s a hands-on museum offering various events specially in July and August. The museum is open daily 10am – 5pm.



If you’re fit enough you can walk the 254 steps up the lighthouse and enjoy the view across the Wadden Sea in 54m height.


Mud flat walks

Nationalparkhaus offers children-friendly guided walks through the Wadden Sea. It’s suitable even for little legs and they’re learning a lot about this precious UNESCO World Heritage Site. I’ve done a walk on Juist island and it was fantastic. If you don’t like to walk bare feet, don’t forget your wellies and maybe a bucket and a shuffle for children.


Child care

Robbe nursery offers child care if the parents would like to have a break from parenting.

Kap Hoorn indoor playground

Norderney Kap Hoorn indoor playground

Norderney Kap Hoorn indoor playground – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany



How to get there


Ferries from the UK:

Harwich – the Hook of Holland (approximately seven hours), then approximately four hours from the Hook of Holland to Norddeich.
Dover – Calais (approximately one and a half hours), then approximately six and a half hours from Calais (France) to Norddeich.
Newcastle – Amsterdam (approximately 15 hours), then approximately three and a half hours from Amsterdam to Norddeich.
Hull – Rotterdam (approximately 11 hours), then approximately four hours from Rotterdam to Norddeich.
Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais (35 minutes).

By car

From the south of Germany: take the A31 towards Emden-Nord and from there take the B210 and then the B72 towards Norddeich.
From the Netherlands (Rotterdam/Amsterdam): take the E232/A37 towards Meppen and then take the A31 just before Meppen towards Papenburg/Emden and then on to Norddeich.

By plane

Norderney does have a small airport and flights can be booked with FLN Frisia Luftverkehr GmbH.  You can also book flights to the neighbouring islands of Borkum, Juist, Langeoog and Wangeoog as well as to Germany’s only offshore island Helgoland.


By train

There is a train station located at ‘Norddeich Mole’ ferry port, so you just need to walk across from the train to the ferry. A train from Düsseldorf takes approximately four hours (change at Emden). From Amsterdam, it’s approximately a five-hour journey (three changes).

Access to Norderney Island

By ferry with or without your car; departure times are usually a few times a day. It’s a little more flexible to get to this island than e.g. to Juist island where ferries can only operate once or twice a day due to the tides.  Ferries to Norderney island are not dependent on the tides.

Coming by your own boat

Norderney is not dependent on the tides and therefore the yot harbour is easy to reach by boat.  It’s advised contacting the harbour office (Norderney sailing school contact Jörg Pauls or Stefan Visser: or phone: +49 80) 4932 – 83545) well in advance as specially during the summer months the 250 spaces go quickly.



Norderney ferry return prices (2019) by Frisia

Adults: 21€
Children (6-13 years old): 10.50€
Dogs: 9€
Bikes: 9.50€
Cars: 76€ -99€

Frisia ferry schedule



In regards of payment at restaurant or cafés, I would advise to either check beforehand if they’re accepting international bank cards as some places only accept European or German debit or credit cards. To be on the save side, I would withdraw some cash.
Weiße Düne at the eastern beach of the island with beautiful views across the dunes. From 11am you can enjoy nice cakes, delicious meals like Schnitzel, salads, Currywurst, burgers, fish and seafood in a relaxed atmosphere either on the terrace or in a cosy and tastefully designed restaurant. I’ve been there in 2014 and had a great time, top meals and wine. Also read the TripAdvisor reviews.
Leib & Seele (Hotel Koenig) was one of our favourite places to go during our 10 day stay on Norderney island. They’re creating high quality meals ranging from international dishes and typical regional meals (plaice fish Müllerin style etc). The restaurant is in the city centre and has a nice terrace for al fresco eating. Read the TripAdvisor reviews.
deLeckerbeck is a modern restaurant catering also for guests suffering from allergies or who need other food requirements. I haven’t been to this restaurant on my las visit but here you can read the TripAdvisor reviews.
Surfcafé Norderney is a trendy café and restaurant with an impressive sea view. Read the TripdAdvisor reviews.
Da Sergio became one of our favourite restaurants in 2014 and I’ve been again in 2016 and wasn’t disappointed. It’s located in the city centre with outside spaces offering top quality Italian cuisine with delicious meals of the day. I would recommend booking a table in advance as it’s a very popular place specially during school holiday times. Read the TripAdvisor reviews.
The Friedrich restaurant has a nice outside space and is designed with a modern interior. The cuisine is European, international and German. Read the TripAdvisor reviews.


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