Trier Christmas market at market square

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Trier is a said to be the oldest city in Germany and it attracts millions of visitors each year. You can see the Roman influence throughout the city – so it’s no surprise that it boasts 10 UNESCO World Heritage SitesPorta Nigra is one of the largest and most well-preserved Roman gates north of the Alps. The city, with its many half-timbered houses, beautiful market square and cathedral makes it the perfect location for a romantic Christmas market. In fact, Trier has got at least two Christmas markets in the city centre – both are well worth visiting.

Luxembourg is a picturesque, romantic city with a beautiful old town and impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site monuments. It’s a great location to get yourself into the festive mood for Christmas.

I have created this very special itinerary leaving from London-Stansted Airport to Luxembourg. It combines a trip to Luxembourg with a visit to the beautiful Christmas market in Trier and a relaxing spa break at one of my favourite spa hotels – the Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa in the Saarland region.


Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa Gonnesweiler terrace lake view sunset fireplace

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