Cologne Carnival on KD boat

Cologne Carnival 11.11.2019

The carnival in Cologne, known as ‘Fastelovend’, is mainly celebrated in the period between New Year’s Day and Ash Wednesday. However, the beginning of the new carnival season is celebrated on the 11th November at precisely 11.11 am. It starts with the session’s designated trio, (the Prince, the Peasant and the Maiden), presenting themselves to […]

Saint Martin lanterns

Saint Martins Festival Düsseldorf 2018

On 10th November, the people of Düsseldorf get together to celebrate St Martin’s Day with more than 130 processions taking place all over the city. St Martin rides through the streets on horseback followed by a band and a large crowd of children proudly showing off their home-made paper lanterns, all singing traditional songs. The largest […]

River Rhine cyling path Nadja's Germany

Rhine of skates Rüdesheim 2018

Guided roller skating event along the picturesque River Rhine (135km). Around 1,000 skaters from all over the world are expected to skate along the River Rhine for this scenic tour with a difference. The roller skating route goes along well-maintained main roads. Rollerblades or roller skates and a helmet are required. Bicycles or skateboards aren’t […]


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