I’m Nadja – a mum to an eight-year-old and a dog lover. I’m German but I’ve been living close to London since 2004. I absolutely love the British humour, traditions, landscape and culture and London inspires me every time I go there.


Since living in the UK, I look at my home country from a completely different perspective. I now travel to Germany as a ‘tourist’, exploring and rediscovering it with new eyes.


How it all started

My philosophy developed out of my own experiences, researching and booking our holidays in Germany. I spent hours and hours creating our personal itineraries after we’d decided to abandon the idea of going on a traditional package holiday. I know just how time consuming it can be to find exactly the right place, the perfect accommodation as well as finding fun things to do that everyone will enjoy.


In our modern world, we’re constantly bombarded with so much information that it becomes very difficult to decide what is relevant and what is just wasting our precious time. When it comes to holiday planning, particularly if you want to create a more personalised experience rather than a ‘ready-made off the shelf one’, it can be quite overwhelming.


If you take your time to browse through all the available information, you might find you’ve gone full circle and still can’t make a decision about where to go! I certainly can’t tell you where to go, but once you’ve decided to give Germany a go, I’d like to inspire you and show you why travelling to Germany has become a passion of mine.



Find and create YOUR itinerary

We as a family really enjoy spending our holidays in Germany and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the country – even more so now I’m not living there. Friends often ask me to recommend interesting places to go. As I’ve visited many regions in Germany, I’d like to take you on my own personal journey. Join me in discovering the ‘sausage’ country, which has so much more to offer.


On this website, I share many of my own holiday experiences and offer ideas to whet your appetite. I’m currently creating some inspirational itineraries with unusual things to do and suggestions for places to stay. My blog, I hope, will inspire you to come and discover Germany.


I’m passionate about showing you some itineraries that (hopefully) match your interests and expectations. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to please everyone you’re travelling with. So, I’ve created some itineraries that include a good choice of activities to suit everyone’s interests.


I’ve always believed that if you do as much planning as possible before you go away, you will get the most out of your precious holiday once you’re there. Particularly as Germany has so much to discover and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to stick rigidly to the itinerary but it’s good to know about some of those hidden treasures beforehand.


Being German gives me the advantage of being able to do a lot of the leg work for you when it comes to researching and contacting various places. I’m then able to offer advice and even do some research for you.


On my journey of creating this project, I asked myself why we always spend so much time looking through reviews, reading blogs and checking other sources before making a final decision about where to go or stay. The answer is quite simple! What we want is an honest and authentic view about a place – the real picture without a ‘Photoshop’ make-over! All too often, we are inundated with images that just don’t capture the true essence of a place.


As a marketing person, I know how important it is to create a certain tonality in communication channels. I don’t like seeing images of flowers, stock photos of happy couples or just an armchair in a hotel room because they don’t give me the whole picture – I still have no idea what the hotel is really like. When researching places, I want to see a 360° view of the place – maybe with videos – because I don’t want to be disappointed.


To summarise, I’m a strong believer in passion, trust, honesty, authenticity and humanity!

A community

I also strongly believe in collaborating with other like-minded people, which is why I’d like to show you some great blogs and vlogs. I have created a directory of popular websites, blogs and vlogs that share fantastic stories, images and videos about Germany.

Thankfully, we are all different and want different things when it comes to a holiday.  For many of us, it’s the most precious time of the year, so it’s important to get it right.

A holiday is so much about what interests you. I, Nadja, stand for the things I like on MY holiday, but you may very well have completely different ideas and expectations. You might be into extreme sports, mountain biking, climbing or even bird watching. Whatever it is, you’ll find the experts for YOUR THING right here! You may even be surprised to find that Germany can be a great holiday destination for you!


Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your trip to Germany or if you’re interested in collaborating. I’m also always interested in hearing about the things you’ve discovered, which might be of interest to our community. I’d love it if you’d share your experiences with us either by sending me an email or via social media. I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to connect.



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