Nadja’s Germany’s first anniversary

It’s now been a year since I launched my travel website. I’ve enjoyed inspiring my community, readers, visitors to my website, as well as those on all my social media accounts. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who like what I’m doing, and are sharing the love for my home country as a travel destination.

Passionate about travelling to Germany

My content is created from the heart

Everything I create comes from the heart – with most of my blogs almost writing themselves. I do it because I am passionate about what I’m doing. I’m very careful about who I collaborate with, as one of my most important values is that I recommend places and offer tips because I like them, and not because I get money for recommending them.


Great tips for your trip to Germany

My aim is to give an unbiased view

An essential part of my work is that I offer an unbiased and honest opinion about all aspects of travelling to Germany. If I’m collaborating with a business, I always let my community know. When it comes to my blogs, videos and photos, I’d like to inspire you to copy my itineraries, or challenge me to look for other things that may suit your interests better. Everything you see or read from me is about the places I’m passionate about, and where I’ve enjoyed staying. My aim is that you have a fantastic time when you travel to Germany for a short break or a holiday. I also want it to be a useful website for those of you who live in Germany, and want to explore the country further.

Itinerary for the Rhine in flames event in Bingen/Rüdesheim 6th July 2019

Walking trail tips for the Rhine valley region

Nadja’s restaurant and accommodation tips for the Rhine Valley

Finding new places is fun

Düsseldorf is my hometown

I visit my hometown of Düsseldorf several times a year, and I make it a priority that I discover something new each time I go back. My friends who live in and around Düsseldorf are often surprised by just how much there is still to discover. That goes to show just how much we take things for granted, and how we don’t put in the effort to discover the things that are right on our doorstep.

Having lived in the UK for 15 years, I now see my home country through the eyes of a tourist. On my list of places to visit this year is the north of Germany, as well as locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can find links to my various blogs about Düsseldorf here: Düsseldorf and Reading – One of the oldest twin town connections, Düsseldorf – One of Germany’s top cities to visit, Düsseldorf – My shopping trip in Unterbilk, Düsseldorf beer tour – I tried the Altbier-Safari, I love Düsseldorf. Contact me if you’re interested in my Düssseldorf itinaries or if you’re planning a trip to go there and you would like some advice.


Düsseldorf Oldtown townhall nadja Rathausmarkt Spring 2017 Germany

Düsseldorf Old Town at Market Square – Copyright: Nadja Thom

Nadja’s Germany – team power

Expressing your passion in a foreign language – not an easy task

As you can imagine, there is always a lot of work going on for me to achieve my dream. It starts from organising, booking and preparing trips with all my equipment, organising footage (pictures and videos), writing and editing blogs, creating videos, research, interviews, creating itineraries, communicating via social media, etc. Hence, I’m very pleased to have Katie Evans on board. She kindly volunteers to write some of the blogs (maybe you’ve read ‘Happy and healthy kids – let nature work its magic’ or ‘Taking a short break or a holiday can improve productivity in the workplace’ ), as well as editing all my blogs and website texts. You might have noticed the odd grammatical error when I post something on social media, but thanks to Katie, my blogs are professionally edited.

As I’m not a native English speaker, I’m not confident enough to publish my texts in English.  I often get a document back from Katie with queries, or a simple “what do you mean?” That shows that German expressions can’t always be translated, or my ‘German way of thinking’ doesn’t always convey the right message. So, a big THANK YOU to Katie!

Since the summer of last year, I also welcomed another volunteer to my team. Ulrike Kadritzke helps do the research for many of the events I post, and she’s currently writing a blog about Wendland; a town close to Hamburg where she originally comes from. She’s been living in the UK for more than 20 years and knows both cultures and languages well. This helps her create valuable content from a German perspective with a British audience in mind. A big THANK YOU to Ulrike too!

Sharing my love on social media

Keeping you posted

Maybe you’ve already come across my social media posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where I keep you updated on my various trips away.

I’ve created lots of boards on Pinterest about different regions and places in Germany, as well as ideas on what you can do.

On Instagram, I share my own (not edited) photos of the areas that I have visited in Germany. I’ve also started doing some live videos, and I’m currently testing out new Insta features to make my Insta page more fun.

If you prefer Facebook, you’ll find me posting my weekly blog there (every Sunday), as well as posts about my holidays in Germany. You’ll get a notification on Facebook if I’m doing a live video from somewhere. That way you can be part of my holiday! You can ask me questions about any aspect of travelling to Germany on all of the platforms, and I always try to come back to you as quickly as possible.

Nadja’s Germany on Pinterest

More to come

Have you been to Germany? Why not share your story?

For Nadja’s Germany’s second year, I have a long list of things I’d like to do and share with you. I’m always interested to know what you’d like to see on my platforms. I’m also looking for people who have travelled to Germany and would like to share their experiences with me. I can then write about your German adventure in a blog (as I did with Tracy, who visited the Black Forest with her family). You can let me know via Facebook messenger or comment on any of my platforms. Thank you!

I look forward to connecting with you. Maybe I can even inspire you to discover somewhere new in Germany.













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I’m Nadja – a mum to a nine-year-old and a dog lover. I’m German but I’ve been living close to London since 2004. I absolutely love the British humour, traditions, landscape and culture and London inspires me every time I go there. Since living in the UK, I look at my home country from a completely different perspective. I now travel to Germany as a ‘tourist’, exploring and rediscovering it with new eyes. I hope my website and blog inspires you to discover my home country.

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