Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is becoming more and more popular with not only people choosing to live there but also with tourists wanting to visit this trendy, cosmopolitan city.

Düsseldorf is also a popular and trendy city for fashion with its many designer shops, design studios and academies. The art and music scene are vibrant in Düsseldorf and you’ll find many art schools and academies throughout the city.

Gourmets won’t be disappointed as Düsseldorf also has a number of excellent, top-quality restaurants. Vegetarian and vegan places are also continuing to pop up following the growing trend in alternative nutritional lifestyles – a very popular movement in Germany as it is in many other European countries.

I have created several itineraries leaving from different UK airports to Düsseldorf. This example is for a trip leaving from London-Heathrow to visit Düsseldorf Christmas markets in December. I’m happy to make small adjustments to fit with your individual requirements. Do bear in mind that I’m not a booking site, so you’ll need to book your flights and accommodation directly with the airlines and hotels (links are included).

Why not take a look at my other itineraries?  Each month, I will also be giving away 10 FREE itineraries – each one will be created to match your individual requirements.

I hope you like them and if you need any help planning your trip, just drop me an email to nadja@nadjasgermany.com and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Here you can read more about my hometown Düsseldorf.

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