In Spring 2017 I interviewed Len and Val Pendle about their experiences in Germany and asked them to write down their impressions and they did! Thank you again, Len and Val! 🙂


“We have now been to Germany many times and have been amazed at the great variety of regions  cities, people and cuisines we have encountered and enjoyed.  Everywhere we have been we have found the Germans we have met to be very friendly and helpful.  Everyone was happy to talk to us (especially if we were brave enough to try our very basic German!), giving directions, recommending restaurants or local delicacies or just telling us things about their town or region. There are a wide range of hotels available and we have particularly enjoyed the staying at smaller independent places where they really go out of their way to make you feel welcome


There is an  enormous variety  of things to do and see. Germany has a rich a rich history as well as more modern delights.  On one visit we saw everything from fantastic fairy tale castles, historic buildings, a museum dedicated to the rise of the Third Reich, beautiful rivers and lakes to  a tour around the BMW factory in Regensburg!  Travelling around is easy.  There are lots of regional airports with flights from the UK,  great road networks and a brilliant rail system that is easy to use and very reasonably priced


And certainly we must mention the food. We have been impressed by the food variety available. Sure it is easy to find the traditional meat, sausage sauerkraut and potatoes (I love the currywurst!) but there is so much more at prices to suit all pockets.  We have had really good salads, Italian, Thai, Turkish and Indian food of a very high quality to name just some. Of course more importantly the beer is very good, especially the “Weiss bier” and also the quality of German wines have come a long way since Blue Nun, with the opportunity to visit small wine producers to taste and buy a real joy.   Our favourite meals are the breakfasts that were always hearty, flavoursome with a really wide choice and if you are there at the right time of the year,  asparagus harvest (spargel) which is served up in every conceivable way and is delicious.


Germany has so much to offer and we have still only scratched the surface. We will certainly be going back for more.”

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