I have created several itineraries to show you how easy and straight forward it is to get to different places in Germany – by car, plane, coach or train. Due to technical issues, the itineraries don’t adjust if you check them on your smartphone. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always work the way we would like it to! So, if you get the chance to look at them on your desktop, you’ll able to see the full-size version. However, I’m happy to send them by email so that you are able to scroll down properly on your smartphone. Just let me know by sending me your email address. It’s completely free and you won’t be bombarded with emails afterwards!


At the moment, I’ve created several itineraries for spending a weekend away visiting a Christmas market. I am constantly adding more, so do check back every now and then.


I hope I have motivated you into visiting my home country of Germany. I’m looking forward to reading your comments and connecting with you.

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