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Celebrate the Christmas holidays with the perfect tree

The Christmas holidays are a time for celebrating – and that includes a perfectly trimmed Christmas tree, adorned with your favourite ornaments as a centre piece. Many of us opt for a real Christmas tree, but as with all living things, they come in all shapes and sizes! Therefore, tree trimming is an essential element of getting that perfectly shaped Christmas tree. If you have never done any tree trimming before, don’t panic as most retail outlets will have tree trimming experts on site who will be happy to offer advice, especially during the holidays.


Christmas tree picture

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Our guide to tree trimming

The first thing to consider before buying your Christmas tree is where it will stand in your home. Take measurements from floor to ceiling. Don’t forget to allow extra for the stand and ornaments as these will add height and width to your tree. This way you will have an approximate size in mind when selecting your tree – avoiding any unnecessary tree trimming once you get it back home.

When selecting your tree, look for one that has a full, even shape – from all angles! This is especially important when it comes to the tree trimming as you should only be taking off a small section from the trunk when you get home and should certainly not be attacking the branches. Before making your final decision, try to picture the ornaments that you will use. You could even make it a family event and choose some new ornaments while you’re at the shop. During the holidays, shops, market stalls and garden centres will be awash with lights and baubles and everything that glitters – so enjoy this magical time.

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Make tree trimming a family affair

Talking of family events, why not have a tree trimming party? Not only can you invite family and friends to join in with decorating the tree, you can also make it an excuse to enjoy festive nibbles with a glass of bubbly while the kids make some fabulous ornaments for the tree. Ideally, make small, bite-sized finger food, which makes for easy socialising! No one really wants to be balancing plates and cutlery on their knees! When the tree has been decorated and the food has been eaten, turn the music up and enjoy some festive games – guaranteed fun for all! After all, this is what makes the holidays so special.


Enjoy the pre-Christmas time!


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