Düsseldorf Rhine promenade castle tower Nadja's Germany

Düsseldorf, Rhine promenade – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Top city in North Rhine-Westphalia

One of Germany’s most popular places to live: Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is becoming more and more popular with not only people choosing to live there but also with tourists wanting to visit this trendy, cosmopolitan city. According to a global quality of living  survey published by Mercers, a leading consulting firm, 2017 saw Düsseldorf making it into 6th position, with Munich, the only other German city, just beating it into 4th place. When interviewed, it was the expatriates, in particular, who appreciated this vibrant city’s quality of life and its infrastructure.


Düsseldorf means living close to water

Located on the River Rhine, Düsseldorf is an attractive, sophisticated place to relax and enjoy a wander through the city or just sit down and watch the world go by. Düsseldorf’s old town is affectionately known as the longest bar in the world because it has more than 350 bars, pubs and clubs. If you love partying, you’ll love this part of Düsseldorf, particularly during the carnival season (the weekend before Ash Wednesday) where locals get dressed up and sing along to the traditional Altbier song about the ‘longest bar in the world’.


Düsseldorf Rhine promenade Rhine Tower bars and restaurants Kasematten embankment Spring 2017 Germany

Düsseldorf, Rhine promenade (Kasematten) – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany



If you’re interested in Düsseldorf’s beer culture, why not do the Altbier-Safari beer tour? I tried it out in 2017 and can highly recommend it. You can read about my Altbier-Safari experience in my blog here.

Uerige, Füchschen, Schlösser, Schlüssel, Schumacher and Kürzer are traditional breweries and great places to sample the typical fermented dark beer (Altbier) and to try out some regional Rhenish cuisine. Gourmets won’t be disappointed as Düsseldorf also has a number of excellent, top-quality restaurants. Vegetarian and vegan places are also continuing to pop up following the growing trend in alternative nutritional lifestyles –  a very popular movement in Germany as it is in many other European countries.


Düsseldorf – a hub for fashion, music and art

Düsseldorf is also a popular and trendy city for fashion with its many designer shops, design studios and academies. The art and music scene are vibrant in Düsseldorf and you’ll find many art schools and academies throughout the city.

Düsseldorf Köbogen Breuninger department store luxury brands Schadowstraße 2017 Germany

Düsseldorf, Breuninger department store – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Düsseldorf shopping boulevard Königsallee Kö Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 Germany

Düsseldorf, Königsallee – Copyright: Nadja Thom

Museums like the Kunstsammlung NRW Art Museum, Kunstpalast and the NRW-Forum are only some of the many cultural sights the city has to offer. With a population of only around 600,000, Düsseldorf is relatively small, making it easy to get around on foot or by tram to explore some of the more hidden districts away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Stylish boutiques, home interior shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants can be found in the up and coming districts like Unterbilk, Bilk, Flingern and Pempelfort.

Düsseldorf K21 Ständehaus Kunstsammlung NRW Heike Rodemeier

Düsseldorf K21 art gallery – Copyright: Kunstsammlung NRW, Heike Rodemeier


At Christmas time, Düsseldorf sparkles beautifully with its wonderful decorations and Christmas markets dotted across the city.

Düsseldorf Christmas market townhall square oldtown Nadja's Germany

Düsseldorf, Christmas market Oldtown – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Düsseldorf has an international airport with connections to many international destinations. The airport is only a 15-minute taxi drive from the city centre. Alternatively, public transport to the city is easy and reasonably priced.

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