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Germany’s stunning nature #2 – the power of the sea

The positive effect of sea air

The Wadden Sea – a miracle healer

Have you ever experienced the positive effect that sea air has on your health and wellbeing? I always notice the benefits of the fresh salty air when I spend time by the North Sea – whether it’s on the beautiful British coast, or on the coastal areas and islands in my home country of Germany. My family and I enjoy being close to a beach and walking beside the sea.

In my view, there is a difference in air quality around the Mediterranean Sea, compared to the Baltic Sea, for instance. Our favourite places are the small islands off the north coast of Germany (Juist, Spiekeroog, Norderney, and Sylt). Last year, we added to our list of favourite places with the seaside resort of Büsum. It’s situated on the mainland, around an hour from Hamburg. Spending a week or two in any of these places always leaves us feeling completely relaxed.

These stunning locations are all situated in the Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site. The Wadden Sea is not only a miracle healer, it’s also an important element of our ecosystem, which needs to be protected.  Why do we feel so refreshed when we spend time by the sea? And how does it benefit our bodies?


The Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site

You can’t go over it; you can’t go under it – you need to go THROUGH it!

The Wadden Sea is a large area that includes the Dutch Wadden Sea conservation area, the national parks of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, and parts of the Danish Wadden Sea. It’s not only healthy to walk beside the sea, it’s also therapeutic to walk through the mud flats when the tide is out. We did a guided walk through the mud flats as a family (Wattwanderung in German) on Juist Island on one of our summer holidays. We learned a lot about this essential part of our environment. It’s habitat to many species, and our tour guide explained it’s the catalyst of our ecosystem. The Wadden Sea in Germany became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2009, and is under a comprehensive protection scheme.

mud flat walk North Sea

Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

The sea – free medicine for the body

Nature is the best healer

For hundreds of years, doctors have prescribed a stay by the sea as a great way to treat various diseases. Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases; allergies, skin problems, and musculoskeletal ailments are just some of the reasons why patients convalesce by the sea. After spending time breathing in the salty air, many people suffering from asthma found that their symptoms had almost disappeared. It is also extremely beneficial for our mental wellbeing.  A holiday by the sea can work wonders if we allow ourselves to totally relax, and really embrace what nature has to offer. A combination of fresh air, the sea, and doing some outdoor activities will have a positive effect on our health.

Sea air can protect against cancer and high cholesterol

Scientists are constantly investigating the health benefits of the sea

In January 2019, the Belgium University of Ghent published an article ‘Sea air helps protect us against cancer and high cholesterol’, which shows the benefits that vaporised sea water can have on our health. Scientists discovered that certain substances in sea water have a positive effect on our body and wellbeing.

Juist island wadden sea

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Juist island North Sea Germany Nadja beach relaxing seaview breathe fresh air tides waves sound of the sea summer 2017 Nadjas Germany

Nadja on Juist island – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Take time to relax and be calm

Listen to the sound of the waves, and feel the spray on your skin

We associate being by the sea with relaxation and calmness. It seems to relax our body and mind when we listen to the sound of the waves, and watch the never-ending movement of the water. Breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the spray on our skin is so therapeutic. The weather always seems to change much quicker on the coast. The cloud formations, the mix of the sun, wind and rain will constantly paint a new picture. It’s no wonder that the sea is a magnet for artists. After a long walk by the sea, we’re also guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep.

Best places to stay by the sea

Germany’s stunning coastline

Whenever I talk to people about Germany as a holiday destination, they don’t associate Germany with being by the sea. Oktoberfest, the Christmas markets, food, Bavaria, and the larger cities in Germany seem to be more popular than its beautiful coastline. However, I’d like to inspire you to visit the coastal areas in the north of Germany. We have the beautiful Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site in the North, and the Baltic Sea in the East, in addition to the numerous lakes across the country. This blog will show you the places I’ve visited on the Wadden Sea. All those places are perfect for relaxation treatments and to improve your wellbeing and health. Many hotels as well as the wellness area in the public swimming pool places are offering diverse treatments like thalassotherapy using the power of the Wadden Sea. Guests appreciate the packages including treatments as well as exercise, nutrition advice and medical consultations.




Juist island North Sea waves Unesco World Heritage Site Wadden Sea beach Nadjas Germany

Wadden Sea UNSESCO world heritage site – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany





Sylt island North Sea beach dunes beachchairs sands summer holiday Nadja's Germany

Sylt island beach – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Sylt island

Sylt island is in the far north of Germany; close to the Danish border. It’s connected to the mainland by a train, and you can also take your car across on the DB AutoZug SyltShuttle. It departs every 30 to 90 minutes, and takes 35 minutes from Niebüll to Westerland. What I love about this beautiful spot is the impressive coastline, and stunning sandy beaches. The wonderful landscape provides the ideal location for walking, cycling and other sporting activities. There’s also a great choice of top-quality restaurants, cafés and hotels to suit all budgets. Additionally, those who love a spot of shopping will love the many exclusive boutiques and designer shops located in the village of Kampen, as well as other places on the island.





Juist island North Sea Germany beach chairs summer beautiful sunset evening happy moment perfect lighting 2017 Nadjas Germany

Juist island beach – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Juist island

You can reach this 14km long island by ferry from Norddeich, which is located in the north-west of Germany. The ferry can only operate one or two times a day due to the tides on the North Sea, therefore, the island doesn’t get too busy with daytime tourists.

Whenever I go to Juist, my holiday always begins from the very moment I park my car on the mainland, and walk across to the ferry. I always have the impression that my fellow passengers are also in ‘slow-down’ mode, and feeling equally as good as me. Juist means that you can completely slow down, recharge and just be – a state of mind that we rarely experience in our busy, modern world. This car-free island is ideal for families with young children, as well as dog lovers, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors, walking along the beach or through the dunes. There are some beautiful hotels offering wellness and spa treatments, as well as activity programmes.

Juist island – a hidden gem in the Wadden Sea National Park


Norderney island
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