You might know that I’m a food lover as well as a wine lover. I’ve only recently discovered some nice red wines from innovative German winemakers and whilst I was in the beautiful Rhine Valley, I’ve also tried some nice Riesling wines, which couldn’t win me in my first years of wine drinking career. German food and drinks are delicious – in my opinion! Whenever I go on holiday food and wine is a big part of my experience. So, it’s obvious that on my travel page I’m posting about German food as well. I truly believe that you can get a complete picture of a country by trying out some traditional food and drinks. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to some inspirational, creative blogs about the German cuisine and drinks I came across in all my years researching. Furthermore, I’m sharing some websites about German food or drinks as well as culinary tours. If you’re blogging about German food or you’re running a website about German food or drinks, please send me an email to with a link to your website and social media accounts and I come back to you as quickly as I can. I’m looking forward to adding many more valuable links here!





Bottlestops boutique wine-tasting toursJérôme Hainz of BottleStops specialises in boutique wine tours and wine tasting in the Rheinhessen and Rheingau regions.

Although Jérôme was brought up in the heart of Germany’s wine-growing area, he discovered his passion for wine a long way from home.  While living in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, he started importing wines because he wanted to share some of his culture with the locals. Jerome also travelled to a number of wine regions in New Zealand, Australia and the USA before moving back to Europe. He soon realised that there was not much around for wine-loving travellers to be able to discover German wines. So, he decided to make Germany’s wine regions more accessible for international visitors and give German wine the status it deserves.


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Christie Dietz

Christie Dietz – Copyright: A sausage has two

Christie Dietz is a freelance food and travel writer originally from London, England, who moved Wiesbaden, Germany, in 2010. Discovering – much to her surprise – that there was far more to German food than pork and potatoes, she created A Sausage Has Two, Germany’s only English-language website focusing on regional, seasonal German cuisine and culinary travel. Christie has also written on these topics for publications including The Guardian, Fodor’s, Time Out, EATEN, and National Geographic Traveller Food UK.










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Michael and Eva I love German food

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We know that many Americans love German food, but not everyone has the time and money to travel to Germany to enjoy it.

I have been thinking about a solution for many years. There are German restaurants in the US, but not everywhere and not everyone has the opportunity to regularily visit one. In addition, there are further delicious dishes not available in the restaurants. My whole family loves German food. Both my grandmothers and an aunt that lived with us were known for their fabulous dishes. I remember holidays when the whole family gathered at the table to dine until we nearly dropped. The dishes were so tasty that we couldn’t resist.

I still have this passion for delicious food. Every since I have been in the US with my family, we have tried to buy German brands, which is often not easy and cannot be found everywhere in good quality. This passion for German foods inspired me to found the German Food Box!

Everyone now has the opportunity to have high quality German products directly delivered to their homes each month. The German Food Box contains six to eight different German products packed as a gift. Also ideal as a present. We would be pleased to welcome you to our German food loving community by ordering a German Food Box at Get inspired at:

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