Büsum Perle bay with family friendly lagoon

Family holiday on the North Sea – in Büsum

With weeks of temperatures reaching way over 25C, no one can argue that we haven’t had a good summer this year! Even in the UK we’ve all enjoyed the warm evenings and being able to sit outside without needing to wrap up. We, as a family, always love eating alfresco – both at home and when we go to a restaurant.


Of course, there’s always the growing concern about climate change and the things we all need to do to try and slow down the rate in which we are destroying our world. But that’s a different topic for another day. For now, I’d like to focus on what a wonderful summer we’ve had – wherever we decided to spend it.


Maybe you had a great ‘staycation’ and spent your holiday in the UK? I know I’d certainly love to go back to Cornwall or Norfolk to show my son just how beautiful these counties are.


When the weather is good, it’s always lovely to have a break close to home – whether you decide to camp or stay in a little B&B or hotel by the seaside. However, I also think that it’s wonderful to be able to discover the scenery, food and culture of another country.


As some of you may already know, I also enjoy travelling around Europe. Whenever I’m visiting friends or family in Germany, I often combine it with a holiday in Germany.


Not an island – this time!

For our summer holiday this year, we decided to go back to the stunning North Sea coast. But this time we opted for Büsum, in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, instead of going back to the East Frisian islands.


Büsum is located much further north, not far from the Danish border. Hundreds of years ago it used to be an island but it’s now part of the mainland. My husband used to go there quite often as a child and we visited this picturesque fishing village together back in 2009. So, we were very curious to find out what it was like now.


After doing some research, we found out that in 2012, Büsum Council redeveloped Perlebucht Bay (Perlebucht) into a more attractive, family-friendly place where children can play safely on the beach. It’s also perfect if you enjoy water sports like wind-surfing, kite-surfing and stand up paddle boarding.


The lagoon is also perfect if you just want to relax in one of the beach chairs. You can buy snacks (e.g. kids’ favourites like chicken nuggets, currywurst, fries, burgers or ice-cream). There’s also a fantastic area where the children can go trampolining while the adults take in the sea view at the cool 360°beach bar. You’ll also find clean toilets located on the lagoon.


Büsum Perle bay at the North Sea

Büsum Perlebucht Bay with snack bars and beach bar – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany


360 beach bar in Büsum at Perle bay (Perlebucht)

360°beach bar in Büsum –  Copyright: Nadja’s Germany


Where we stayed

We were delighted to discover the brand new Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa, which opened in 2017. It’s located right next to the campsite, ‘Camping Nordsee’, and opposite Perlebucht Bay.

Büsum Perle bay with Küstenperle hotel & spa

Küstenperle Hotel & Spa in Büsum at Perlebucht Bay –                                Copyright: Nadja’s Germany


Küstenperle Hotel & Spa Büsum

I always enjoyed the fantastic buffet breakfast at Küstenperle Hotel & Spa in Büsum! 🙂 – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

While we were there, we treated ourselves to some relaxing time in the hotel’s wellness suite. It included a free-standing bath tub and sauna and had the most amazing views over the sea. The hotel is tastefully designed and has a lovely regional influence. The staff were exceptionally friendly and we enjoyed many wonderful meals on the beautiful terrace while our son played in the playground just in front of the terrace.


If you’re interested in knowing more about this fantastic hotel, you’ll be able to find more information on my website very soon.

Büsum harbour

Büsum ‘Museum Harbour’ – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Pretty fishing village

Büsum is a small, picturesque fishing village with a population of less than 5,000. It’s famous for its brown shrimp, which is one of the many specialities from this stunning region.


In the traditional ‘Museum Harbour’, that dates back to 1912, you can see many of the old fishing boats that were used to catch the shrimp. These boats are looked after by the Museumshafen e.V. Club, who also keep the historical harbour in tip top condition.

Büsum museum harbour

Büsum ‘Museum Harbour’ – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

A popular thing to do in Büsum is to buy fresh brown shrimp directly from the fishermen and eat them immediately. Alternatively, you can enjoy a traditional brown shrimp roll from one of the many takeaway places.


If you’d like to learn a bit more about the history of brown shrimp fishing or about the wildlife around the famous Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, why not try out one of the many boat trips available from the harbour?  You can go on a sunset excursion or a seal watching trip or just visit one of the surrounding islands like Helgoland, which is the only offshore island in Germany.

Family fishing tour with MS Hauke ship in Büsum

The fisherman explaining the creatures from the North Sea during the MS Hauke fishing tour –                 Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Childhood memories – our MS Hauke boat trip

While we were in Büsum, we went on one of the fishing boat trips with ‘MS Hauke’ (built in 1969), which my husband had done many times as a child. So, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to give our eight-year-old son the same experience. It was a great family day out and we learned a lot about the Wadden Sea’s marine life.

Family fishing tour with MS Hauke in Büsum

How to distinguish a male and female crab? – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Brown shrimps are freshly cooked on MS Hauke ship in Büsum

Brown shrimp are freshly cooked aboard – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

The children were all very excited to touch the crabs, starfish and shrimp and to even sample some freshly cooked shrimp on the boat – costing only 5€ for a kilo! I can honestly say they were delicious!


Büsum city centre

Büsum city centre – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Büsum – we love you!

We were surprised at just how much Büsum’s city centre had changed since we visited in 2009 – and in our view, for the better.


There are plenty of shops where you can have a wander around if you like reasonably priced clothing or gifts and there are lots of good-quality restaurants to enjoy the regional cuisine.  One good example is the Büsum-style plaice, which is fried and served with traditional brown shrimp.

Büsum with pedestrianised city centre

Pedestrianised Büsum city centre – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Büsum certainly isn’t posh like Sylt Island or St Peter Ording – so, you won’t find it packed with designer shops, champagne bars or top restaurants. But, in our opinion, it has become a sophisticated and attractive holiday destination.


The city centre and promenade are pristine and it’s very noticeable that the restaurants are keeping up with modern trends. However, the harbour area at present is resembling a building site, with the work due to be finished in 2019. Admittedly, it’s not the most delightful view at the moment but the plans look promising with a new hotel and restaurants currently being built. So, watch this space!


In my next blog I’ll be writing about the things we did and what else you can do in and around Büsum – including some valuable restaurant tips. So, keep an eye out for my blog next week or you can sign up here so that you won’t miss it.

The video below shows Büsum from birds view perspective including Perlebucht Bay.



Büsum Easter holiday 2019


Family holiday on the North Sea in Büsum


Things to do in Büsum on the North Sea
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