Live Work Germany’s services help established expats, those who have just arrived, as well as foreigners who wish to migrate to Germany.

It can often seem challenging in Germany to complete seemingly simple tasks, due to its complicated bureaucracy and sometimes indifferent attitude to service. Helping those who don’t speak German or don’t fully understand how certain processes work, we make things simple and help you understand what makes Germany tick. We offer services to expats in Germany to make life easier so as they can quickly feel at home.

We are a 100% online business, run by a British expat who has experienced and conquered how to solve the problems which expats in Germany typically face.


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We are the city’s first English-language publication dedicated to helping expats settle in and live it up in their new home. From summer strawberry picking to our Best Of series, we gather tips from locals, community groups, forums and our own everyday adventures. (We also make a lot of phone calls on your behalf that start off with “Sprechen sie Englisch?” You’re welcome.) We believe that armed with the right tools and information you can feel at home in your new home.

From living, eating, playing and working, Life in Düsseldorf is as wonderful as you make it. Find out more at


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The Misadventures of an American Expat and His Wife in Germany

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and writer from Portland, Oregon, now working as a freelancer in Hannover, Germany. I am married to a beautiful, smart and (unintentionally) hilarious German woman. She has two Master’s degrees and is currently working on her Ph.D., so she thinks she’s smarter than me.

However, I continue to remind her I am emotionally intelligent, which is why I am able to gently explain the shortcomings of German television programming — like the amazingly awful crime show Tatort — without spending more than one night on the couch. Maybe two.


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40% German, Pretzels, Beer and Confusion

English & Intercultural trainer, English language blogger based in Germany since 2011. Founder of 40% German, Nic focuses on explaining German and UK culture, looking at the little details that are often misunderstood or misrepresented by both the British and the Germans.


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