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Düsseldorf: one of Germany’s top cities to visit

Düsseldorf – discover its style

If you’ve already read my blog ‘I love Düsseldorf’, you’ll already know that it’s a place very close to my home town and somewhere I always enjoy visiting when I’m in Germany. Whenever I go back, I always get the urge to discover new things and see Düsseldorf through the eyes of a tourist. I’m passionate about cities and places that are close to water – whether it’s the sea, a river or lake. Düsseldorf is located on the River Rhine, the second longest river in central and western Europe. Düsseldorf isn’t always on the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to thinking about a short break, but as it’s one of Germany’s wealthiest cities, it’s definitely a place that shouldn’t be overlooked. On various visits to the city, also known as ‘little Paris’, I discovered some great places, hotels and things to do, which I’d like to share with you.


Enjoy a great quality of life in Düsseldorf

In the nineties, the council decided to improve the embankment and build a tunnel to direct traffic underground and away from the attractive promenade area. Personally, I think this was a great decision as it vastly improved the area close to the old town (Altstadt) and therefore the quality of life for the people living there. Nowadays, residents and visitors can enjoy this tree-lined promenade along the River Rhine up to the buzzing harbour area (MedienHafen), and then on towards the Rhine Tower. The steps in Burgplatz Square are the ideal place to meet friends over a drink on a warm summer’s evening and watch the sun go down.  In fact, the whole area is really attractive, with many foreign visitors enjoying the uniqueness of this wonderful city year after year.

Düsseldorf was ranked 6th for its quality of life in a survey conducted in 2017 by Mercers, an American consulting company. In fact, German cities in general are seen to be great places to live, with Munich in 4th place and Frankfurt/Main being in 7th position.


What has contributed to Düsseldorf’s success?


  • Superb infrastructure
  • Impressive architecture
  • Newly remodelled city centre
  • Plenty of pedestrianised areas
  • Great spots to relax – like the Burgplatz or Kö-Bogen
  • A good variety of high-quality eating establishments
  • A cosmopolitan and open-minded attitude
  • A great variety of leisure activities – including museums, galleries, theatres, opera, day spas, public swimming pools, cinema etc.

Düsseldorf’s art, music, fashion and world-famous exhibitions

The elegant, life-affirming city on the Rhine stands for fashion, shopping, culture as well as for its extraordinary events and festivals. Königsallee, locally known as Kö, is one of Europe’s most luxurious shopping streets and only a short walk away from the historical old town, which boasts around 260 bars and restaurants. If you love your beer, why not visit one of the traditional breweries? A great beer to try is Altbier (or simply Alt), which is a typical dark beer. Düsseldorf’s flair is world-famous, its narrow streets are vibrant and the multi-faceted cultural scene produces some pretty spectacular events and exhibitions.

Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in central Europe and celebrates Japan Day (a German-Japanese festival) every summer. The Rhine fun-fair, which attracts visitors from around the world, takes place every year in July. Another event worth visiting is the Gourmet Festival, held every summer. The festival is a great opportunity to sample some top-quality regional street food and drink at the stalls along the Köngisallee canal.


If you’d like to read a different view regarding the Mercer’s quality of life survey, you should read this blog from Live Work Germany, which is written by a British expat who lives in Germany.


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