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Tempt your taste buds with some traditional Rhenish food!

Oh, how I love traditional Rhenisch food!

Every time I go back to my home country, normally at least about two or three times a year, I need to have some Rhenish food. I often ask my mum to make me some homemade meatballs (Frikadellen) or at a restaurant I like to order a traditional beef roast like Rheinischer Sauerbraten with dumplings and red cabbage, depending on the season of course! My German friends know me very well, so whenever they know I’m going back for a visit, they’ll always check beforehand if I’ll be wanting some typical Rhineland cuisine! There’s no doubt, food plays an important part in my life, which doesn’t always make my scales very happy, but hey ho! My motto is to enjoy your food but, as with everything in life – always in moderation!


Capture some traditional atmosphere at a brewery and try the Rhenish food

Good places to try the regional cuisine in Düsseldorf are at one of the historic breweries like Füchschen, Schumacher or Uerige, which all serve a typical dark beer (Altbier) and classic meals like Blutwurst (similar to blackpudding), Bratwurst with sauerkraut, Kasseler (comparable to gammon) or pancakes with bacon. In 2015, Tim Mälzer, a popular TV chef, opened Haussmann’s, a restaurant in Düsseldorf’s old town with Patrick Rüther. They reinvented the traditional cuisine and created delicious, contemporary food that has its roots in the Rhineland. I love the rustic interior, which is so cosy but modern at the same time. In summer I thoroughly enjoy the fantastic variety of al fresco dining places all over Düsseldorf. Usually the weather in Düsseldorf and particularly in the summer is nicely warm and sunny with approximately 24°C. The stunning and buzzing promenade along the Rhine river embankment is perfect to watch a beautiful sunset whilst chilling in cool and trendy pubs and bars.

Hyatt Pebble bar Dusseldorf

Hyatt Pebble bar Düsseldorf – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany



Steps at Hyatt Pebble bar Dusseldorf

Hyatt Pebble bar at MedienHafen Harbour Dusseldorf – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany


One of my favourite spots are the steps in MedienHafen Harbour just by the luxurious Hyatt hotel with the stylish and chic Pebble’s bar. I remember an evening being grateful for sitting there on a very warm summer evening absorbing an impressive sunset and having a pleasant chat with my brother in law. In this area are numerous bars, cafés and restaurants offering traditional regional food. Düsseldorf residents and its fans don’t easily admit that the Cologne pub Eigelstein offering the typical Cologne beer called Kölsch from the Gaffel brewery alongside traditional regional dishes became a well-established and popular place to be in Düsseldorf. I can highly recommend the typical regional meals like the homemade soups, rolls with seasoned pork mince and onions (Mettbrötchen) or ‘Himmel un Ähd’ comprising a sausage similar to Black pudding, mashed potatoes, apple sauce and fried onions.

Only insiders know that there is a continuous rivalry between these two cities at the Rhine river dating back hundreds of years when the two cities were competing for the official nomination of the North Rhine-Westphalian capital. Nowadays it’s more a sophisticated discussion mainly fuelled by different factors like sports and beer.

Haussmann's restaurant Dusseldorf

Haussmann’s restaurant Düsseldorf old town – Copyright: Nadja’s Germany

Got a sweet tooth? Here’s something for you…

Before I finish making your mouth water, I’d like to recommend my favourite patisserie, Leysieffer, on Königsallee. You may not know this, but the French aren’t the only nation to be able to bake good bread and delicious cakes! Germany is also famous for its wonderful variety of bread and patisserie.  Leysieffer was founded in 1909 and has since opened shops all over the country, you’ll even find them at airports. They sell the most delicious gateaux, biscuits, cakes and other sweet treats and even made my wedding cake, which was a heart-shaped strawberry gateau and I have to say, absolutely out of this world. As a huge marzipan lover, I sometimes treat myself to their exquisite marzipan – really trying to force myself to have just ONE piece at a time! Yummy! I’ll tempt you with more on the culinary front very soon.


Leysieffer pralines Die Himmlischen Leysieffer Marzipan Röllchen


The German tourism board created a nice video about the diversity of German food, which you can watch here:


I’m happy to share more of my personal recommendations about great places to eat in Düsseldorf if you request my Düsseldorf itinerary. Just message me via Facebook or email me at nadja@nadjasgermany.com.


German cuisine – the truth behind the myth



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