Lake Constance – bordering four countries

Lake Constance is 63km long and located on the western edge of southern Germany. I didn’t discover this beautiful area with its Mediterranean climate until last summer (2017) and regret not having discovered it earlier. What I particularly love about Lake Constance is that it borders four countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We stayed on Lindau Island, which is a picturesque town with a lovely promenade. The surrounding area was so beautiful that we’ve decided to go back fairly soon. It’s a great place if you enjoy boat trips and if you have a licence, you’ll be able to hire a boat. The whole area is fabulous for water sports, walking and cycling and you’ll certainly appreciate the food and wine if you’re a foodie.

There are always plenty of cultural events going on and plenty of museums to discover. One very popular event is the Bregenz Festival (in Austria), which is held every summer in July and August. The event is a celebration of opera and you’ll be able to see live performances on open-air stages. To get there, you can catch a ferry from one of the several stopping points along Lake Constance’s shoreline.

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