Berlin – cosmopolitan, vibrant, trendy

I have a strong connection to Berlin as I would spend most of the school holidays there staying with my grandparents. If you haven’t already been to Germany’s capital city, it should definitely be on your list of ‘must-do’ places to go!

Berlin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a population of almost 4 million. Its green spaces, lakes and rivers make it an attractive city to live in. Like with any large city, Berlin is a city that moves with the times – after all it’s the people that bring it to life, making it the trendy, dynamic place it is today.

Berlin is a city rich in culture and history and I’m always impressed by its architecture and the historical buildings that have survived or were restored after WWII.  Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Brandenburg Gate are all very impressive.

I particularly enjoy discovering the eastern part of the city and visiting the places that have played an important part in Germany’s history like Checkpoint Charlie and the GDR Museum.

Berlin is as diverse and varied as its population – making it a city that truly has something for everyone. Enjoy browsing my gallery and find some inspiration to discover (or revisit) this stimulating and creative city.

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