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Don’t get stressed out planning your holiday

For most of us, our holiday is the most important and precious time of the year. If we’re working full-time, we might only get 4 or 5 weeks’ leave a year – no wonder we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right when planning a holiday.

After spending several weeks planning and getting quite stressed about it, we then forget to relax once we arrive at our destination! If this sounds familiar, read on and make it different this year.


Decisions, decisions, decisions

Let’s face it, making a decision about where to go and what to do or even what kind of holiday we would like to have is often quite tough. It might be a ‘luxury’ problem but this decision-making process can be the cause of many family arguments.

After all, we all have different expectations, needs and dreams and the more people that are involved, the harder it gets! Do we want the sun or the mountains; to go abroad or stay at home? For some people, making a decision is so stressful that they either plump for what they know rather than try something new or they don’t feel like going away at all!


Going on holiday can be stressful

After having spent the last 48 hours running around like headless chickens making sure we’re well-prepared for our holiday, it’s no wonder that we arrive at our destination a little bit frazzled, to say the least!

There seems to be so much to think about before we can even set off. The tasks are endless; from washing and ironing to packing for every eventuality – only to then take half the stuff out again so that we don’t exceed the airline’s weight restrictions! Maybe instructions need to be given to neighbours for watering plants or taking in the post; or the cat needs dropping off at the cattery. And to top it all off, we certainly don’t want to be leaving a scary pile of work for colleagues to do either!

Even when it’s time to leave and we’re finally off, we start worrying about whether or not we’ve forgotten something! What we should be doing is taking a deep breath and reminding ourselves that we’re going on holiday! Hooray!


Getting there – finally!

After all that preparation, it’s normal to cast a very critical eye over our accommodation once we arrive. Does the reality fit with our expectations? With a bit of luck, we had a comfortable journey and everyone is happy with the accommodation and we can finally relax.

Now, the holiday can begin. I like to unpack and wander around the resort to get the feel of the place and get my bearings.

It’s not always easy to immediately switch off when we arrive – we need time to adjust to a different place. Many of us aren’t used to being with family or friends 24/7 and that can take time to get used to. It’s important not to check our work emails while we’re away and allow ourselves the opportunity to completely switch off. After all, that’s what holidays are meant to be about!


Unwind and recharge those batteries

Planning a trip makes us happy and gives us something to look forward to. It’s been proven that taking a complete break away from it all will improve performance and make us more productive when we return to work. Travelling somewhere different and trying something new will improve our physical and mental wellbeing and might even make us more creative! That explains why so many writers and artists travel to the most beautiful places to find inspiration!

Travelling and being away from everyday life opens up our minds. We might be exposed to different languages or experience different sounds and smells or enjoy new tastes. All these factors help us relax and truly experience something different.


Take time to plan

My advice is to start your holiday planning early. Discuss ideas and look at all the available options and maybe use a decision sheet to help you decide where to go and what to do. This way, you take the stress out of holiday planning – worrying about finding the right accommodation, flight availability etc. You can then start enjoying the time leading up to your holiday and really start to look forward to the big day!


Happy holiday 2018!


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