Aachen Christmas market at the Cathedral

Top Christmas market tips

It’s not long until we can pack our suitcases and head off to a German Christmas market – HOORAY! Even if you’ve already been to a Christmas market, I thought it would be a nice idea to offer some top tips for your next visit. Watch out for pickpockets Take the right bag It’s important […]

Christmas market Nuremberg

How to dress for a Christmas market

Make sure you pack the right clothes…   Are you lucky enough to be going to a German Christmas market in November or December? If so, make sure you pack the right clothes as some areas can get pretty cold. When it’s around zero degrees or lower, it’s not much fun if you’re walking around […]

Düsseldorf Unterbilk Nadja shopping Lorettostraße Balooz Spring 2017 Germany

Düsseldorf – my shopping trip in Unterbilk

Düsseldorf’s hidden gems As well as the well-known areas of Düsseldorf, I wanted to discover some of the up and coming trendy areas. So, in spring last year (2017) I spent the day wandering through Unterbilk, visiting the many independent shops and cafés. Unterbilk is close to the Rhine Tower and be  easily reached by […]


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