Lake Constance cycling path harbour Austria Nadja's Germany

Cycling around Lake Constance: guaranteed family fun

  Our fantastic cycling trip from Lindau to Rorschach Family fun around Lake Constance   If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll already know that we, as a family, love outdoor activities as much as we love our food! That means we love walking, cycling and anything outdoorsy – particularly now our son […]

Lake Constance cycling path bikes cycle promenade travel holiday Nadja's Germany

Cycle your way to good health

Cycling is fun Cycling was part of my childhood I grew up in the Lower Rhine region of North Rhine-Westphalia, close to Dusseldorf. The area is quite flat, compared to other regions in Germany, making it perfect for cycling. As a child, I would think nothing of cycling the five-mile round trip to school every […]

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Glottertal valley in the Black Forest

Germany’s nature – #1 Forest bathing – what’s so good about it?

The diversity of Germany’s natural landscape Germany’s landscape is so diverse that it attracts millions of nature lovers every year. The coastal areas in the North are protected habitats for numerous plants and animals, and the country is home to some stunning national parks and forests. In my series of blogs about Germany’s beautiful nature, […]


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