Going on a camping holiday has become trendy. With this new popularity, campsites have gone a long way in improving to ensure visitors have a great holiday experience. Here are six reasons why you should try out camping in Germany

  1. Many campsites are located amidst stunning nature – close to rivers, lakes or in National Parks.

  2. Many campsites have a great selection of things to do – as well as options for rainy days. Activities may include guided cycling or walking tours, indoor/outdoor pools, indoor children’s entertainment, wellness & spa facilities, beauty treatments and a gym.

  3. Driving to your campsite is relatively easy on German roads as they are usually in excellent condition. As well as the motorways, there are also many scenic routes you can take – including Romantic Road, Alpine Road, Castle Road, Wine Road etc.

  4. It’s great value for money. According to the German Automobile Club (ADAC), campers in Germany get the best value for money in comparison to other European countries.

  5. Many campsites in Germany have an excellent rating for comfort and cleanliness.

  6. The campsites have a good variety of activities and things to do – including walking trails, cycling paths, water sports, with museums and other sights being close by.


According to the German Automobile Club (ADAC), particularly beautiful regions for camping are the North and Baltic Seas, Saxon Switzerland and Allgäu (Bavaria).

I have done some research and come up with a list of great campsites that you might like. I’d like to add some more campsites to this list, so if you could let me know of exceptionally good campsites in stunning locations in Germany that would be amazing. In particular I’m looking for campsites in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Brandenburg and Thuringia. Thank you!



Insel Camp Fehmarn on Fehmarn Island on the Baltic Sea, close to the Danish border

Wulfener Hals on Fehmarn Island, on the Baltic Sea, close to the Danish border

Rosenfelder Strand Ostsee Camping in Grube on the Baltic Sea. It has direct access to the Baltic Sea cycle route


Loxer Saxony

Alfsee Holiday and Leisure Park in Osnabrück close to Hanover

Südsee Camp in Wietzendorf in the Lüneburg Heath region:



Mecklenburg Pomerania

Campingpark Kühlungsborn in Kühlungsborn on the Baltic Sea, close to Rostock

Camping and holiday park Havelberge in Userin in the Mecklenburg Lake District, on Woblitzsee Lake



LuxOase in Kleinröhrsdorf, close to Dresden



Camping Burgen in Burgen, on the River Moselle

Campingplatz Nehren in Nehren on the River Moselle

Camping Holländischer Hof in Senheim on the River Moselle

Moselcampingplatz Rissbach in Traben-Trarbach on the River Moselle

Campingpark Zell in Zell on the River Moselle

Camping Gülser Moselbogen in Koblenz on the River Moselle

Landal GreenParks Sonnengerg in Leiwen on the River Moselle

Campingplatz Igel in Igel on the River Moselle

Camping zum Feuerberg in Ediger-Eller on the River Moselle


Baden-Wurttemberg (Black Forest)

Hegi Camping in Tengen close to Lake Constance

Camping Münstert close to Freiburg



Camping Hopfensee  in Füssen

Strand Camping Waging am See on Taching Lake close to Lake Chiemsee




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