Büsum – a picturesque fishing village

Büsum is situated on Germany’s North Sea coast and only an hour’s drive from Hamburg. The harbour, with its old lighthouse (built in 1912), and fishing boats is a lovely attraction. The village became popular in the 17th century when it was an important place for brown shrimp fishing. Nowadays, there are still some boats going out to catch the delicatessen but people mainly earn their living through tourism.

Büsum dyck/promenade – perfect for families, wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc. Copyright: Nadja’s Germany




Büsum’s 3km dyck was renovated around 2014 as a protection against flooding. It’s covered in grass and the area has plenty of beach chairs to rent. Many visitors appreciate not being covered in sand while still being able to enjoy the sea. Additionally, the council have managed to create a beautiful path along the dyck that takes you from the centre of Büsum towards Perlebucht lagoon. It’s ideal for children and for those with reduced mobility to appreciate the impressive views across the Wadden Sea. There are also plenty of benches dotted along the path for taking a moment to pause and embrace the sea view. Children are able to ride their bikes; it’s perfect for those who have a pram or buggy, and for wheelchair users.

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